What Business Are You Starting This Year?

2020 indeed has been a year of challenge, it has also been a year of opportunity. With so many entrepreneurs finally having the time to pursue their ideas and connect with other professionals who can help them bring those ideas to fruition, it is safe to say that 2021 will be a big one for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

We asked six CEOs the simple question, “What business are you starting in 2021?” For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, you won’t want to miss the ideas these CEOs are sharing with us.

Business Course

I’m very excited about this course because it will give lash artists the tools they need to be their own boss and gain all the insight I have gathered after being in the industry for 12 years. I am passionate about this course and its ability to change the trajectory of so many artists’ careers!

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional


I’m very excited about this course because it will give lash artists the tools they need to be their own boss and gain all the insight I Terkel, a platform that connects brands with expert voices. Brands need content, but have limited resources. People are experts, but have limited opportunities to build their credibility online. Terkel is a platform that converts expert insights into high quality content for brands.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Radio Show and Training Program

I am starting a couple of things. The first is through my radio show, The Lurnist Show, I will be creating an internship/training program for young women who want a career in Agile.  We will be looking for young women (high school and college age) with ambition and drive to work in the agile industry.

The second big initiative I am starting through LurnAgile is an Enterprise Agile Coach training program. We will accept 15 students into the 6-9 month intensive training program for aspiring Agile coaches. The program merges best practices in technical skills with soft skills such as facilitation, coaching, mentoring, and servant leadership.

Debra Hildebrand, LurnAgile

Startup Coaching

I recently joined in a new joint venture that involves my specialty, startup coaching, but for a service that is totally new to me. I am looking for an additional opportunity like this where my many years of experience can offer immediate benefit to my partner as well as benefit my company at the same time.

Jeff Williams, Bizstarters

4-Step Coaching Model

My new business focus is in supporting leaders who are facing cringe moment decisions or conversations. Imagine emerging from these situations with respect, grace and a path forward. I have created a 4-step model to support and guide these challenging events in our lives.

Rachel Schaming, Executive Coach


I have a small consulting business that I’m looking to expand. I’d like to offer some new service lines and increase my client base. Research into what my clients truly need and want will be key to growing our service offerings!

Colleen McManus, Senior HR Executive and Consultant